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With those three posts, I am finished with my Senior Project. I have over 16 hours worth of baking under my belt. Despite the fact that I’m done with my project, I would still like to continue blogging. They posts will become even more sporadic than they already are, but I think I will be more inspired since I’m not pressured to get hours done.

I am planning on making cupcakes for some shelters in-town. They will be Easter-themed. I want to take some of those Sour-Punch straws and put them on the top so they look like handles. And then I’ m going to take small candies such as jelly beans and chocolate eggs and arrange them on top of the cupcakes so that they look like little Easter baskets. I’m really excited to execute these!

I’ve learned how much goes into baking with this project. It’s really helped me appreciate the complexity of it as well as everything that it takes to complete and successful baked good.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this journey.


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Hello World!

I’m currently overwhelmed by the plethora of options that have been presented to me. Seeing as I’ve spent the last 3 hours messing around with this, you would assume that I would have some semblance of an idea as to what I’m doing. Unfortunately, you are incredibly wrong. At this point, I’m floundering around, clicking buttons, and hoping that my computer doesn’t blow up. It hasn’t yet, but there are still plenty of hours left in the day.

I’m not going to actually start blogging my baking quest, but I’m going to start compiling lists of what I would like to get done: recipes, goals, etc. I need to figure out how many recipes I plan on tackling, my time span, and what not. Yes, I’m going true Julie and Julia style on this thing. Minus the book. Yet again, I will express to you all how I have no interest in EVER making a meat-flavored Jello mold. Even when I do decide to start eating meat again, I vow that I will never touch anything remotely similar to it. It has a calf foot in there. Gross. Ew. Not going to happen. Ever.

As soon as I come up with a list or an idea of what I’m going to do, I will start the festivities!

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